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At the end of this post I will leave YOU with a brief “reading”…

I don,t usually comment on pop culture or celebrity gossip because its really not my bag. I sometimes think its nothing but a balloon on a stick distracting the masses from the really important things going on “behind the curtain” and an eternally dangling carrot leading us to constantly chase unattainable standards but that is a whole other blog! I decided to throw my 2 pence worth in to the Psychic Sally debate because I have seen her live, 1st hand and formed an opinion at the time. For anyone who has not heard the hype, this is a so-called Psychic who has been accused of being a fraud, cheating audiences by wearing an ear piece and having information fed to her.
…I went to see Psychic Sally perform a live show, not because I was particularly into it but because I agreed to go along with a friend who was really keen. I decided, while I sat and watched the show to attempt to work out how she could have known or worked out each “hit” or correct piece of information that she got. I suppose I WANTED to be able to believe and I was a bit disappointed that about 98 out of 100 pieces of information she passed on to audience members I could see clearly how she could have figured it out, or I could have worked it out (and I mean, there and then, on the spot, based on people’s appearance and reactions and obvious assumptions – not taking into account any other “research” she could have conducted before the show).  I,ll give you just one actual an example;

LIVE SALLY SHOW EXAMPLE: A poor couple stood up who had lost their little boy. I found it rather upsetting because, understandably they appeared absolutely distraught. Between them they were clutching a little boys jacket and Sally said something along the lines “He is saying, Ooh Mommy you,re wearing me. Does that make sense? It might mean you have a piece of his clothing…” . The Mother looked amazed and said “We are holding his jacket!” and the audience absolutely GASPED! and oohed! as if in astonishment at this accurate remark. It was as if it had not occurred to anyone that the couple were standing there clearly holding what was obviously a little boys jacket. No need to be a detective to reach the assumption that this jacket had probably belonged to their little boy.

When I was at the show, I was only thinking about whether I or She could have worked out the information there and then as the live show took place, but of course, in addition to that there are lots of other ways she could have gleaned information or made accurate statements so, in answer to the sixty four thousand dollar question people seem to ask: “But HOW else could she know THAT?!” Here are a number of ways, other than psychic ability, She could “know that”:
The Internet: When you book tickets to a show you give your full name and address along with your credit or debit card details. I imagine it would be possible to look up your audience members online ahead of the show and gather some info on them.
Facebook: Some Psychics have a Facebook page with lots of fans who are “friends”. This means they could look up all sorts of personal info right down to little, personal details like favorite songs, jokes, pets names etc etc…
Pre-Show: Before the show I went to, there was quite a bit of time where all the audience were milling about in the foyer, sitting around, buying refreshments, looking at merchandise etc and, of course, everyone was chatting the whole time either in general or specifically about hoping to get a message or hoping to contact a certain person on “the other side”. This could be listened to and recorded by staff “spying” in the crowd or via microphones & recording devices etc.
Cold Reading: One of the ways you can work out things about people on the spot is what you call “cold reading”. This is a technique where you pay attention to people’s facial expressions, body language, clothing, their response to what you are saying etc. This was how I was attempting to read or see how Sally was reading people in the audience.
Barnum Statements: Of course, there are certain things you can say that will apply to pretty much anyone. This is called a Barnum Statement.
Of course, it might be none of the above. Sally & others might actually be gathering all this information via psychic ability. I DO BELIEVE in things beyond our three dimensional universe and our five sense experience of reality. I am NOT saying Sally is a Fraud. I am simply playing Devils Advocate and giving very brief examples of alternative ways she could get accurate information. I am just attempting to answer the question
“How ELSE could she know THAT?!”

Here is YOUR “reading”:

You make friends easily but you only have a few really good friends and although you can come across as outgoing in social situations you often feel a bit anxious or introverted underneath. You have a tendency to be a bit critical of yourself and you feel you have some untapped or under used potential. You sometimes wonder if you have chosen the right path.

*I paint and draw the images that present themselves to my minds eye. If you would like to see them, please go to www.artgallery.co.uk/artist/ona_haynes_2