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Signs of life are everywhere, curled up in spiral shaped clues… like finger prints!
Scientists, Artists, Spiritual Minds and Philosophors have all sugested the shape of a spiral as being key to life and nature…
From microscopic strands of DNA to Black Holes in Space with all things in between like shells, cobwebs, seed formations, pine cones, Spirals are found where ever life is. OR is it the other way round? Does life emerge from a spiral?
This was part of the inspiration for my latest piece of art entitled “Emerge”.
A huge, statement piece of over 50 hand made, hand painted butterflies, all emerging from the centre of the piece in an ever increasing spiral.
Continuing the theme of emergence & spirals, the butterflies range in colour from blue through greens, to golds and ambers just as a Rainbow evolves through the spectrum.
All the butterlfy wings are raised from the surface, echoing the explosive nature of emerging. Everything bursting out in a brilliant explosion of form and colour.

Ultimately, I feel the viewer defines the piece for themselves. Perhaps, for you, it might represent your own emergence from something? Or, it may symbolise an entirely different theme for you.

To see the entire piece, please visit my online gallery / shop at Etsy.

Emerge.  Original Art by Ona Haynes