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When all that KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON… merchandise first appeared, I found it quite appealing. Now though, it seems like every object that can’t move has this slogan plastered over it. Enough already! It might as well say KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON FLOGGING THIS DEAD HORSE! or KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON MAKING MONEY FOR OLD ROPE! I’ve been hoping a new trend will take over and I’ve spotted one up and coming movement that I hope will take off…

“D.I.Y” seems to be the newly emerging buzz word and ethos. Thankfully, this isn’t just in the traditional sense of popping to the hardware store on a bank holiday weekend. The new D.I.Y movement is aimed at everyone but especially children. It encourages people to make things themselves. A trend I’m all in favour of. Whether it be home-spun clothing, hand-made toys, home-made food or whatever….  I’m sure the D.I.Y trend will spawn a new mass of slogan emblazoned merchandise (I’ve already spotted T-shirts and badges) but at least, it might also give rise to a wealth of authentic, lopsided, one of a kind, wonderful creations!  Creations that start as an idea in the mind of their maker and manifest via their inventor’s own hands.


Original Pop Art Box
“Vintage Boyhood”

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