Super Accurate New Year Psychic Prediction! FREE! For YOU!

* I predict at the start of 2016 you will subscribe to a magazine where the 1st issue is 99p with a free binder but subsequent issues are 6.99 and after realizing you will need to spend £56,542.99 to complete the collection and finish crocheting a WWII battleship in organic noodles you will cancel your subscription.

*You will binge buy cleaning products and storage boxes from Costco/Tesco/Wilko & Co and start clearing that junk draw out. This year you are going to be organized and streamline your life! You will then end up spending 3 hours on the kitchen floor staring at old photographs and reminiscing before shoving it all back into the drawer and using the storage boxes for all the novelty socks and fruit fragranced bubble bath you got for Christmas.

*You will chuck your fags/chocolate/alcohol in the garbage and buy a fridge full of organic fruit and veg – some of which you dont even know how to use…a week later you will have a refrigerator full off vegetables growing new vegetables and various types of fungus. You,ll use those Argos vouchers to buy a juicer and attempt to salvage as many fruits n veggies before they go out of date by blending them into “delicious” smoothies. No they really do taste quite nice if you use a straw and dont look at it and try not to breath through your nose cos it smells worse – than it looks worse – than it tastes. *

*Eventually you,ll have raided the storage box for that bottle of Pink Lambrini and out of date Quality Street you won at the School Christmas Fair and you,ll smoke that lone cigarette you found in that stray packet in the junk drawer cos theres no point wasting it and theres no point keeping a packet just for one fag. Youre streamlining and de-cluttering after all!

*You will finally join that Zumbarobics-Danceboxing Class and buy all the flash, designer gear to wear. If youre gonna put all that work in you deserve to look your best doing it! 2 weeks in you,ll convince yourself it wasnt really a waste of money that you only did 2 sessions – cos if you look at it as 2 nights out youd have spent £100 anyway right? Well, you know with taxis and a babysitter n everything….. and you can always wear those yoga pants round the house with a nice top.

God my Psychic powers are on FIRE today! How am I doing THIS?!!

Happy New Year Everyone. The very best of luck to you, and remember it is our light and not our darkness that truly frightens us. Dont let your fear of success hold you back!


Psychic Sally – But HOW else could she know THAT!?


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At the end of this post I will leave YOU with a brief “reading”…

I don,t usually comment on pop culture or celebrity gossip because its really not my bag. I sometimes think its nothing but a balloon on a stick distracting the masses from the really important things going on “behind the curtain” and an eternally dangling carrot leading us to constantly chase unattainable standards but that is a whole other blog! I decided to throw my 2 pence worth in to the Psychic Sally debate because I have seen her live, 1st hand and formed an opinion at the time. For anyone who has not heard the hype, this is a so-called Psychic who has been accused of being a fraud, cheating audiences by wearing an ear piece and having information fed to her.
…I went to see Psychic Sally perform a live show, not because I was particularly into it but because I agreed to go along with a friend who was really keen. I decided, while I sat and watched the show to attempt to work out how she could have known or worked out each “hit” or correct piece of information that she got. I suppose I WANTED to be able to believe and I was a bit disappointed that about 98 out of 100 pieces of information she passed on to audience members I could see clearly how she could have figured it out, or I could have worked it out (and I mean, there and then, on the spot, based on people’s appearance and reactions and obvious assumptions – not taking into account any other “research” she could have conducted before the show).  I,ll give you just one actual an example;

LIVE SALLY SHOW EXAMPLE: A poor couple stood up who had lost their little boy. I found it rather upsetting because, understandably they appeared absolutely distraught. Between them they were clutching a little boys jacket and Sally said something along the lines “He is saying, Ooh Mommy you,re wearing me. Does that make sense? It might mean you have a piece of his clothing…” . The Mother looked amazed and said “We are holding his jacket!” and the audience absolutely GASPED! and oohed! as if in astonishment at this accurate remark. It was as if it had not occurred to anyone that the couple were standing there clearly holding what was obviously a little boys jacket. No need to be a detective to reach the assumption that this jacket had probably belonged to their little boy.

When I was at the show, I was only thinking about whether I or She could have worked out the information there and then as the live show took place, but of course, in addition to that there are lots of other ways she could have gleaned information or made accurate statements so, in answer to the sixty four thousand dollar question people seem to ask: “But HOW else could she know THAT?!” Here are a number of ways, other than psychic ability, She could “know that”:
The Internet: When you book tickets to a show you give your full name and address along with your credit or debit card details. I imagine it would be possible to look up your audience members online ahead of the show and gather some info on them.
Facebook: Some Psychics have a Facebook page with lots of fans who are “friends”. This means they could look up all sorts of personal info right down to little, personal details like favorite songs, jokes, pets names etc etc…
Pre-Show: Before the show I went to, there was quite a bit of time where all the audience were milling about in the foyer, sitting around, buying refreshments, looking at merchandise etc and, of course, everyone was chatting the whole time either in general or specifically about hoping to get a message or hoping to contact a certain person on “the other side”. This could be listened to and recorded by staff “spying” in the crowd or via microphones & recording devices etc.
Cold Reading: One of the ways you can work out things about people on the spot is what you call “cold reading”. This is a technique where you pay attention to people’s facial expressions, body language, clothing, their response to what you are saying etc. This was how I was attempting to read or see how Sally was reading people in the audience.
Barnum Statements: Of course, there are certain things you can say that will apply to pretty much anyone. This is called a Barnum Statement.
Of course, it might be none of the above. Sally & others might actually be gathering all this information via psychic ability. I DO BELIEVE in things beyond our three dimensional universe and our five sense experience of reality. I am NOT saying Sally is a Fraud. I am simply playing Devils Advocate and giving very brief examples of alternative ways she could get accurate information. I am just attempting to answer the question
“How ELSE could she know THAT?!”

Here is YOUR “reading”:

You make friends easily but you only have a few really good friends and although you can come across as outgoing in social situations you often feel a bit anxious or introverted underneath. You have a tendency to be a bit critical of yourself and you feel you have some untapped or under used potential. You sometimes wonder if you have chosen the right path.

*I paint and draw the images that present themselves to my minds eye. If you would like to see them, please go to

Self Harm


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(*Please note I am NOT a Doctor / Qualified Medical Professional. This is NOT intended as medical advice. It is information & awareness raising based on my own, personal experience. Also, I acknowledge that everyone’s experiences of self harm are different. Thank You.)

WARNING: Some Self Harmers can find reading on the subject ‘triggering’. There are no images of self harm in this post but please do not read if you think you may be triggered to self harm. This article does contain written descriptions and examples of self harm which some people might find distressing.

Aftermath. Art by Ona Haynes

Recently I saw a disturbing trend on the internet dubbed “Cut for Bieber” whereby young girls (& I expect guys too) are encouraging each other to self harm by cutting themselves. I was not shocked, but I was horrified and concerned for numerous reasons and on numerous levels, so having written on this subject before and being a recovering self harmer myself, I decided it was the right time for me to post on this topic.

Not many issues are still taboo these days but “Self Harm” is an issue that, for the main part remains hidden. For those who do self harm it can feel like a dark & dirty secret – feelings which exacerbate the situation. For those who have no experience or education in it, it can seem frightening and extremely difficult to even comprehend. There are many questions surrounding the subject of self harm and I’ll try to address as many of them as I can but at the heart of this sinister enigma is the question WHY?

Art by ona Haynes

“Why do they do it?!”…

There isn’t necessarily ONE main reason why people self harm – although mental and emotional pain is invariably at the root of it, but in my personal experience, (both as a recovering self harmer and having trained and worked in Mental Health & Social Care), people self harm for any one, or combination of the following reasons…

  • Making it Real Mental & emotional pain is as real & painful as physical pain but it’s invisible. Often the emotional pain a person is in is so excruciating it’s difficult to beleive there are no visible signs. The self harmer might inflict a wound as a way of manifesting their agony and making it real and visible – both to themselves and  other people. A person might writhe in internal agony but be perceived as having no problem at all by outsiders. Their wound illustrates that they are in deep and real pain.
  • Making it FEEL BETTER Usually the internal pain felt by the self harmer is so severe that the harm they inflict on themselves (whether cutting, burning or whatever) actually feels better. A lot better! It might go some way to explaining how much pain a person is in internally when you realise that the cut of a blade actually feels comforting by comparison. It’s a bit like rubbing a bump on your knee. You banged your knee so you give it a vigorous rub to try to ease the pain. The bump is the emotional pain. The rub is the self harm.
  • Releasing Pressure We can all feel stressed and pressured. Sometimes to the extent where it’s really difficult to cope with. For some people though, and for a variety of reasons, their internal stress, pressure or even racing thoughts and feelings can build to such a point that it literally feels physically unbearable. This is when people self harm as a pressure release. Its like bursting a damn or popping a balloon.
  • A Natural Anti-Depressant When the body experiences pain, the brain releases its own natural painkillers eg; endorphins. You might have heard that endorphins create a natural high, like when people exercise. Perhaps this is one of the reasons people get addicted to exercise. So, when we realise that pain causes the body to release natural antidepressants – hurting oneself to deal with depression presents an element of logic rather than seeming entirely illogical. (However, this is NOT a recommendation to self harm!) A similar effect can be created by eating extremely hot spicy food such as chilli or curry. Perhaps a Vindaloo might be the thing to try during a depressive bout?!
  • Ownership of Control. Many (but certainly not all) people who self harm are being / or have been abused. This can lead to a feeling of being owned and controlled by someone else. Their free will has been stolen by an abuser. Hurting themselves can be a way of re-gaining an element of control. The fact that the control they have is inflicting pain on themselves might not be as illogical as you may first think because the abuse victim might attempt to inflict ‘worse’ or more ‘severe’ pain upon themselves than that inflicted by the abuser. Or at least take charge of the pain being inflicted on them. To try to explain this seemingly contradictory point I heard an example of a young girl who was being sexually abused. Her abuser was forcing the young girl to perform inappropriate acts by inflicting pain upon her until she relented and did as her abuser bid her to do. One day, when her abuser came into her room she stood before him and without flinching, she bent her own little finger back so far as to break it. She took the next finger and began again saying “You can’t hurt me any more.” This is a horrible, distressing example but it illustrates the use of Self Harm by the self harmer as a form of control over or defense from the situation. Other abuse victims (whether the abuse be physical, sexual, mental or whatever) might utilise self harm in a similar way. Not necessarily in such a demonstrative way but perhaps cutting themselves behind closed doors and hiding the wounds.
  • Self Punishment Sometimes people have issues around guilt, where their guilt has become disproportionate or misplaced and their self harm is a way of inflicting punishment upon themselves. This guilt might be induced by religious or cultural attitudes to issues affecting the self harmer – such as if a person discovers their sexuality is looked upon as wicked by their culture or religion. (This is just one of many, many various examples). These people may inflict physical punishments upon themselves. A more subtle example along similar lines might be a young person who has been continually brow beaten & mentally abused by their parents which results in them having a deep sense of worthlessness. They punish themselves with physical pain in a confused mixture of acknowledging their worthlessness and as a barrier against the pain inflicted upon them by the abusers. The pain caused to them by the abusers becomes lesser by default. The abuser looses the pain inflicting game.
  • Numbness Some of the examples mentioned have described how people use self harm as a way of coping with feelings that are unbearably intense. This can also work the other way round. At times when people have mental illness, substance misuse problems (and perhaps for other reasons), they actually lose feeling. They describe feeling physically and emotionally numb. A blank, unconnected sense that nothing is real or tangible. In these cases they self harm as a way to break the ice of numbness and feel something again.

Emerge. Original Art by Ona Haynes

This list is not exhaustive. There are several reasons listed above as to why people self harm. A person might self harm for one or a number of the reasons I’ve outlined but of course, there are other reasons I haven’t listed here. A more in depth examination of this subject would take us back through history and into the realms of religion, social & cultural issues… Also, a person who does self harm may not actually be consciously aware of, or able to explain why they do it themselves. Hopefully these points have helped you some way towards understanding why people might self harm but there are a few other important points around this issue that are worth mentioning…

  1. Self Harm v Suicide: Self Harm is not the same as a Suicide attempt. Lots of people self harm, never having any intention of killing themselves. Having read through the list of ‘Whys’ above, you’ll have seen that none of them relate to someone trying to kill themselves. If someone cuts their arms or wrists – which is a particularly common form of self harm, especially among young girls and women, it does not necessarily indicate they were attempting suicide.
  2. Strange & Unusual: It’s not that strange & unusual. A study in Oxford found 700 in 100,000 females reported self harming. In A survey of 13 to 15 year olds 5% of the boys and 8% of the girls said they had self harmed, but within the same survey, far less parents reported that their children had self harmed. It’s worth baring in mind that not all people surveyed will admit self harming even if they do. Often it is estimated that the true figures are somewhat higher than what the surveys reveal and males and females tend to be different in what type of information they disclose.
  3. Fame & Fortune: People who self harm are NOT necessarily from financially or educationally deprived backgrounds. All sorts of people self harm including well educated, high achieving, career driven people. So, just to emphasise this point and leave a heavy topic on a lighter note, here are a few famous people who have been reported as being ‘Self Harmers’…

Jonny Depp (Actor) Van Gough (Artist)  Angelina Jolie (Actress) Diana Princessof Wales. Vivian Leigh (Actress)  Russell Brand (Comedian, Writer, Actor) Kellie Holmes (Athlete) and there are many others…(You can find out much more about famous people who self harm at

The Butterfly Project

“What’s that butterfly on your arm?”…The Butterfly Project.
If you’re interested in spreading awareness of self harm and preventing it, please look up The Butterfly Project on You Tube. The Butterfly Project suggests drawing a Butterfly on your wrist – or any place you might feel like cutting or harming yourself. If you can get someone else to draw the butterfly onto you – even better. Give the butterfly a name. You could name it after someone you love or who loves you, or you could just use a name you like or even the name of a famous person you admire. (*obviously don’t use anything that might be toxic or irritate your skin!) Then you must keep the butterfly safe on your skin until it fades naturally. Do not cut or harm yourself or the butterfly. When you look at the butterfly, think of the person you named it after. The person you love or who loves you. I know this is MUCH easier said than done and to a person who is struggling with self harm it might seem like it’s over simplifying the situation, but it is not intended to minimize or trivialize the issue of self harm or how strong the urge to self harm can be. However, it is a beautiful, simple idea from a place of love. It might help a self harmer if they wear their butterfly and it might help spread awareness of this problem if you are seen wearing your beautiful butterfly and someone asks, “What’s that butterfly on your arm?”…

There is plenty more to say on the subject so I hope to re-address this topic again in future. Once again, this is not intended as medical advice. It is a glimpse into the world of self harm through the eyes of some one who has self harmed many times. Thankfully, I have not self harmed for a long time now. Many of the thoughts, ideas, imaginings & emotions that race around my mind and burst at my spiritual seams manifest themselves in my Art. A more positive means of release. If you would like something more uplifting to look at having read this, please do take a look by visiting   There are lots of butterflies! Love & Light to You. Ona x

HOW DO YOU DOODLE? Interpret your drawings…

Doodles aren’t just for “Artists”. Even those who consider themselves not to have a creative bone in their body seem to scribble with whatever’s at hand while they’re on the phone, in a meetings or in a lessons.

Despite what your teacher told you, It is thought that doodling can actually help concentration and aid memory. Doodling is also said to be a good way access your subconcious.

A particular style of doodle trending now is the so called “Zentangle”. An entangled, organically composed doodle created in a moment of Zen. A few minutes of zoned out relaxation.

I created a “Zentangle Challenge” on Facebook and invited people to create and post Zentangles. Pictures were posted from all sorts of people – adults and children, professional Artists and people who consider themselves not to be “arty at all”. Just for fun, I said I’d share some common interpretations of popular patterns & pictures that appear in peoples doodles.

Boxes,Cubes & Geometrics:  People who place lots of neat, strait geometric shapes in their doodles are often people who like or need lots of neatness & order in their lives. It might represent a need for control, wanting things to be done in a certain way. Do you draw geometrics and boxes? Does your home have a very specific place for everything and everything in its place? How would you feel if your ornaments were rearranged? Someone put something in the wrong cupboard? Or your schedule was interupted? Or do you think your precise odles represent the ordered life you wish you had but haven’t achieved yet?!

Arrows: Ambitions and Goals! Arrows, espcially if pointing upwards can represent aiming at a clear goal (or target!) Are you aiming high? Are your arrows nice and sharp and all pointing in the same direction? Arrows which point in all different directions can mean you’re open minded OR perhaps you don’t know which way to go?

Chequer Boards / Black ‘n’ White: The alternating nature of a chequer board or black against white patterns can symbolise choices between 2 options. It might mean you’re thinking through which way to go with a decision. Stay or go? Yes or No?


Flowers: A circular shaped flower with petals going round it is said to represent Family. You migh need to examine the style of your flowers to interpret the deeper meaning behind them. Are your flowers blooming and neat and well balanced? Or are they wilting? Are there any petals missing? How do those sorts of things relate to your feelings around family?   Swirly, fancy, more abstract flowers might denote a more feminine, romantic nature in the person drawing them.

Stars: Doodling stars can mean you’re an idealist. As the quote goes “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the stars” 

Multiple repeated lines & patterns: Numerous lines or replicated patterns, (such as lots of neat, side by side lines or multiple concentric circles) can show a doodler who is highly driven and determined. Working relentlessly at ambitious projects. People who draw these types of things might be people who get stressed about maintaining high standards and achieving difficult goals.

Cobwebs: Creating webs in your pictures might reveal you are trying to trap or control people. Are you becoming a bit of a spider?! Are you trying to entice a romantic partner? Or stop someone from leaving? Or perhaps control people around you? Are you afraid of being alone and so trying to keep someone in your web?

Dots n Spots: Carefully drawn, tiny dots & spots can show a need to focus in on something. A desire to pin point the heart of an issue or a need for concentration. Are you  a scatter brain using dots as a metaphorical focal point?!

Above are a few common interpretations of popular doodle themes, but please remember, everyone is different! and there are no hard & fast rules. Allthough certain shapes & images tend to have common meanings among people it does vary individuay. For example,birds often represent freedom due to their ability to fly but, if you have a phobia of birds, you’re unlikely to choose them as your symbol of liberty! So bare personal differences in mind.

Doodles & Zentangles are a particularly good way of discovering things in our subconcious because they are the sort of drawings we create whilst conciously focussing on something else. If you draw whilst on hold on the phone or while listening to a lecture, for example, the drawing is not the main thing you’re focussed on – it’s emerging naturally from your sub-concoius. This means it isn’t being subjected to editing before it gets onto the page. This, and the fact that Doodles and Zentangles tend to use quite abstract imagery makes them an especially effective type of art for psychological interpretation.

I hope you’ve enjoyed interpreting YOUR doodles and zentangles! Remember, allthough I have studied & have working experience in Art Therapy, I am not a Doctor! This is just for fun and shouldn’t be taken as medical advice!

Please take a look at some of the Zentangles I’ve been sent…


Kate’s Zentangle. Intricate, fascinating detail.


Jolene’s Zentangle is an “Ugly Bug Ball”!


A wonderful Zentangle from a 10yr old


A Zentangle created by a textile artist



A Zentangle by a professional ilustrator, Janette Louden


Our Youngest Zentangler Daisy

Please Comment! Share your own interpretations, questions & ideas.

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Mr Sand Man bring me a dream


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A cabinet of curious objects with which to enchant sleepers & create dreams

A cabinet of curious objects with which to enchant sleepers & create dreams                                                                                                          If there is a Sand Man making all our dreams, what sort of things would he have in his Apothecary?… How would a Dream Alchemist create the nightmares and dreamscapes we visit in our sleep? I’ve created a representation of the dream makers apothecary – a cabinet of curiousities, wierd & wonderful, enchanted and odd. Take a look around this richly decorated piece and see what you can find. Among the drawers & compartments are fairy wings, skeleton keys secrets and souvineers.

If you want to see more of this Dream Alchemist’s Apothecary or even become its proud owner!  visit

Be inspired by this segment of surrealism. Sweet Dreams. Don’t have Nightmares!…

Emerge from your Spiral!


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Signs of life are everywhere, curled up in spiral shaped clues… like finger prints!
Scientists, Artists, Spiritual Minds and Philosophors have all sugested the shape of a spiral as being key to life and nature…
From microscopic strands of DNA to Black Holes in Space with all things in between like shells, cobwebs, seed formations, pine cones, Spirals are found where ever life is. OR is it the other way round? Does life emerge from a spiral?
This was part of the inspiration for my latest piece of art entitled “Emerge”.
A huge, statement piece of over 50 hand made, hand painted butterflies, all emerging from the centre of the piece in an ever increasing spiral.
Continuing the theme of emergence & spirals, the butterflies range in colour from blue through greens, to golds and ambers just as a Rainbow evolves through the spectrum.
All the butterlfy wings are raised from the surface, echoing the explosive nature of emerging. Everything bursting out in a brilliant explosion of form and colour.

Ultimately, I feel the viewer defines the piece for themselves. Perhaps, for you, it might represent your own emergence from something? Or, it may symbolise an entirely different theme for you.

To see the entire piece, please visit my online gallery / shop at Etsy.

Emerge.  Original Art by Ona Haynes


KEEP CALM AND…Enough Allready!


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When all that KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON… merchandise first appeared, I found it quite appealing. Now though, it seems like every object that can’t move has this slogan plastered over it. Enough already! It might as well say KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON FLOGGING THIS DEAD HORSE! or KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON MAKING MONEY FOR OLD ROPE! I’ve been hoping a new trend will take over and I’ve spotted one up and coming movement that I hope will take off…

“D.I.Y” seems to be the newly emerging buzz word and ethos. Thankfully, this isn’t just in the traditional sense of popping to the hardware store on a bank holiday weekend. The new D.I.Y movement is aimed at everyone but especially children. It encourages people to make things themselves. A trend I’m all in favour of. Whether it be home-spun clothing, hand-made toys, home-made food or whatever….  I’m sure the D.I.Y trend will spawn a new mass of slogan emblazoned merchandise (I’ve already spotted T-shirts and badges) but at least, it might also give rise to a wealth of authentic, lopsided, one of a kind, wonderful creations!  Creations that start as an idea in the mind of their maker and manifest via their inventor’s own hands.


Original Pop Art Box
“Vintage Boyhood”

If you LOVE hand-made, authentic items, please visit my online art gallery / shop to view my creations;